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Benefits We Offer

Foster Cares primary mission is to provide (for free) cost and time-saving benefits to foster parents and other foster care providers.

Currently, there is no such offering for an estimated 2 million adults in the United States who are directly responsible for taking care of the over half a million children currently in foster care. Foster Cares feels strongly that these good people deserve to have a system in place which rewards them for their kind, unselfish efforts towards fostered and adopted children.

Shortly after this website is taken live Foster Cares will begin to offer these tangible benefits, at no cost, to foster parents and caretakers. has already been working for some time now on acquiring these cost and time saving benefits to offer our nation’s caretakers of children.

Benefits Like What?

Listed are some examples of the types of benefits which we are working on having offered to foster parents and other caretakers involved in the foster care system.

  • Discounts at retailers (clothing, supermarkets)
  • Shopping club membership discounts
  • Rewards or cashback on commodities (food, formula, gas, etc...)
  • Discounts on computers and internet related items
  • Powerful online (free) tools specifically designed to help foster parents manage their daily lives

The possibilities are endless. The reason we are currently fundraising and asking for donations is to hire a full-time staff to work solely on creating and offering these sorely needed benefits, and many more.

Other Causes

In the long run Foster Cares also seeks to provide tools for foster agencies and group homes to use in their daily operations. Tools created specifically to save operational time and reduce budgets.

Another focus of Foster Cares is working towards creating campaigns and maintaining operational direction which helps change negative misconceptions in regards to foster parenting. Thus making recruiting new, potentially very good, foster parents easier for foster agencies and foster system in general.

Stay Informed

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Foster Care Fact
There are half a million children in foster care, nearly 130,000 of them are available for adoption.

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