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Our Founders

Sam's Club logo and thank you textWe are forever grateful to our founders for helping Foster Cares begin its mission in earnest. As a thank you we offer virtual 'bricks' to live in perpetuity as a memorial to the gift givers who helped jump start such a truly worthy cause. As long as exists, so will these Founder's Bricks.

Each brick is a 12x12 square of pixels. There are 4,047 bricks (71x57). Make a $123.55 tax deductible gift or more, and we'll offer you a founder's brick. This makes for a grand total of $500,006.85. Enough to turn our volunteers into employees and firmly plant the roots of a special non-profit which is sure to grow. Each brick will be a permanent link to the website of your choice with an image of your choosing.

$123.55 tax deductible
donation per BRICK

$123.55 & We Give You a Founder's Brick!

For that you get an image* on your brick(s) as well as a larger 100x100 pixel image which will pop-up when a visitor to the web site mouses over your picture.

You can also have your image linked to the website of your choosing*.

If you purchase one or more founder's bricks please email us at with your name and contact details, include an image (a JPEG or GIF which is at least 100x100 pixels) for your brick as well as a website if you would like one linked to your brick. You may also provide us your contact information in the comments area while making your donation via PayPal. (NOTE: you will still need to email us your image separately after making your donation)

Brick owners will be allowed to change their brick's image and or web link as needed, within reason.

*The Brick's image and web site link must be family appropriate. Foster Cares, Inc. reserves the right to choose what is or is not appropriate for the content of this website.


A TAX DEDUCTIBLE donation of $123.55 gets you one brick. There is no limit to how many bricks may be purchased, AND THEY MAY BE COMBINED to make larger bricks for larger images.

100% of your donations go to the operations of Foster Cares, Inc. and its mission(s).

For tax purposes, Foster Cares, Inc. EIN # is 26-4689017.

Questions? Email us at .

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