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Welcome to Foster Cares!

Foster Cares is a non-profit working to provide substantial cost and time saving benefits in the daily lives of foster parents & adoptive parents, families, homes and other care takers directly involved in foster care.

About Us

Foster Cares, Inc. is a non-profit located just South of Denver, Colorado. But our mission is nationwide.

Our primary mission is to provide (at no cost) discounts and benefits, as well as time saving tools to those most involved in the actual care taking of fostered and adopted children.

Substantial tangible benefits for foster parents are noticeably absent from our foster care system. Anyone who is a foster parent, adoptive parent or foster care provider or knows one will quickly agree.

Foster Cares seeks to fix this problem discounts and benefits from retailers, grocery stores, department stores, and service industries...offers specifically for and highly relevant to foster parents, adoptive parents, and other care providers. believes these parents should be given relief they deserve!

Our ultimate goal centers around providing financial and time saving support to all these care givers. The real win being that many more foster children become responsible, productive, happy and successful members of our society.

Our Mission

  • Provide significant cost & time saving benefits to foster/adoptive families, caretakers and children (at no cost to them).
  • Offer time and budget saving tools to foster agencies to use at no cost.
  • Raise awareness and change any existing negative perceptions nationwide in regards to foster parenting.

A Special Offer From Sam's Club for ALL Foster Care Takers and Those Involved!

Sam's Club logo and thank you textThank you Sam's Club!!! Sam's Club was the first highly respected nationwide business to step up to the plate! They allowed us to offer foster parents, adoptive parents, and ALL others involved in the care taking of children a membership which came with a $10 gift card to off-set the membership price. CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS SPECIAL OFFER.

An Important Survey for Foster Parents & Caretakers

TAKE OUR 3 MINUTE SURVEY HERE. Tell us about your foster caretaking expenses. To date we have results from 41 States!

We will be sharing interesting details and results about the survey right here as well as via email if you have signed for our updates.

Foster Care Fact
About 55-60% of foster children are reunified with their parents.
15-20% are adopted from foster care.
About 15% end up with relatives.
5-10% emancipate.

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We'll Be Honest, Your Email Sign Ups Are REALLY Important To Us!

It's simple, more emails signed up here inspires more discounts for you.

Most importantly we will never sell or share your email with anyone.

Our favorite big retailers, services, and other large businesses love knowing that can communicate with many, many foster caretakers!

We have the sincere goal of able to communicate with most of the foster parents and caretakers in the United States!

Successful businesses have nothing to lose by providing compelling offers for you. All they have to gain is new valued customers. Customers who are often shopping for 4, 5, 6 or people, or even more. Participating companies and brands help provide support and incentives for a foster system sorely in need of exactly that.

For the incredibly kind act of raising, adopting, and guiding these precious children believes foster parents and adoptive parents deserve budget (& time) saving rewards in their daily lives.

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